Wednesday, 8 July 2009

This is just a simple bit of body mechanics I
did in some spare time up in the highlands.
This run is the same from my showreel but
I adapted it into a climb and dive.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

So thats it! uni's over and free money has stopped:(
But alongside Jamie Lloyd we have been really lucky
to have been offered a chance to compete in
Dare to be Digital all the way up in Dundee to make
our own game!!! For 12 weeks we will make a game that
be showcased in Edingbrugh in the middle of august.
So if were allowed i will be posting some of the things
that we have been doing over the coming weeks.

11 second club june

Due to having some spare time in scotland I
completed this months 11 second club dialogue
which is an online animation competition. I didnt
end up handing it in due to falling asleep on the
last night whilst it was rendering!!! gutted!

Its about about a guy stuck in pergatory trying
to get past the bouncers at heavens gates :)

3rd year showreel

This is my showreel from the third year of uni
which i got nominated for a glammie with! I didnt
win this year really chuffed to even be nominated
due to the awsum standard of work produced by
everyone! check out the categories from Glammies 09' here...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

2nd year showreel

This is my showreel from the second year of uni
which i won a glammie for!